Specialist Services

Timber framing

Our skilled carpenters, headed up by local Craftsman Andy Shervington, are experienced in traditional timber frame construction methods for oak (or chestnut) structures. We can provide in-house off-site fabrication of green oak roof trusses or even complete buildings for assembly on site.

Regarding the finish, green oak structures can be left rough, or sanded, or shotblasted. The latter being a very popular approach which can soften the appearance of the new timbers, ageing them slightly.

Also, timbers can be aged, distressed, edges chamfered, or even beams sculpted to appear ‘hewn’.

The timber is all pegged and jointed using traditional methods, with no modern fixings required. The result is a beautiful and strong structure that should last for hundreds of years.
Cosmetic or structural repairs and/or replacing of timbers to existing structures can also be carried out sympathetically, using green, air-dried, or reclaimed timbers.

We can employ reclaimed timbers as exposed beams within new extensions etc. or construct complete timber roofs from reclaimed timbers to give the appearance of an historic building.

Timber framing