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Technologies, Plumbing, Insulations & Paints

Integrating new technologies into older buildings, if undertaken sympathetically, can improve energy efficiency, solve problems and save money.


Colin Clark Builders Ltd can provide complete heating installations, or adaptations to existing heating systems to utilise more sustainable heat sources such as heat pumps, PV solar panels (electricity), Solar thermal tube panels (hot water), woodburners/backboilers, biomass etc.

We work closely with companies like Skyreach Solar, and Jupiter Underfloor Heating to bring together the best of the new technologies with the expertise and knowledge to create plumbing and heating systems to provide significant reductions on running costs and carbon emissions.


Insulation is widely recognised as the most effective way of improving the efficiency of your home, but we also recognise that it is equally important to use natural materials whenever possible, for many reasons – health, environment, performance, breathability, etc.

We keep our finger on the pulse for new products all the time, and can advise on the various different eco-friendly materials now available, as well as the all important cost implications. We have built up good relations with our suppliers of natural building materials and can offer competitive prices for various natural insulations, which now compare favourably to the costs of mass-produced rigid PIR and fibreglass type insulations.


Through the centuries, highly breathable finishes such as limewashes and distempers have proven their worth and will always be good options for finishing lime plasters and lime renders, or directly onto brickwork, where breathability is required. However, there are occasions where other choices can be useful. For this reason we have researched the best alternatives and frequently work with claypaints and specialist silicate masonry paints from the leaders in the field to provide finishes with breathability, excellent colour-matching and longevity as well as uniformity of finish among other benefits.

Technologies, Plumbingp, Insulations and paints