Specialist Services

Cob and lime

Our team have the specialist skills and experience required to construct or repair traditional cob walls with a range of different approaches dependent upon what the job requires.
Colin provided his services in collaboration with the New Forest Conservation Department to put together a publication advising about cob buildings.
– Cob wall construction, repair and maintenance
– Structural advice re. cracks in walls, etc.
– Advice re. damp/water ingress, etc.
– Removal of problematic impermeable cement renders
– Lime plastering, rendering and pointing
– Specialist finishes including limewash, claypaint, distemper, and specialist silicate paints.

We can undertake any rendering, plastering or pointing in lime mortars to traditional finishes. We will match existing mortar where appropriate to satisfy your requirements as well as those of English Heritage or Conservation departments of the Local Authority.

Cracks in cob walls can be structurally and/or cosmetically repaired, either with cob blocks, cob made by reworking materials from site, or cob made from quarried materials. Sensitive use of modern technologies where appropriate is not ruled out, and can provide solutions which save extensive reconstruction whilst preserving the original fabric of the building, as well as its cosmetic appearance.

Damp problems, frequently caused by modern building practices applied to older buildings, in particular hard impermeable renders, mortars and plasters, can be effectively combated.

There is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ approach to tackling problems in historic buildings, and often involves a choice between different approaches. Colin offers a consultancy service which we suggest for those wishing to seek appropriate advice and options for dealing with those problems, to enable the customer to make an informed decision on the urgency of potential work, the extent of work necessary and the various options available to them.

cob and lime