About us

A brief history of Colin Clark Builders Ltd.

Coming from a local family with a history of traditional building, Colin has been undertaking specialist building repairs, restorations, renovations and extensions for over 30 years.

Since setting up business as a sole trader in 1978, Colin’s business has grown through word of mouth in the local area, and became established as a limited company in 1995.

Colin now uses his skills and the knowledge he has acquired over the years to provide advice and also to train younger apprentice workers in the traditional approach to building.

With a talented and friendly team of local craftsmen and skilled workers, some of whom have been working with Colin for 10 years or more, Colin Clark Builders Ltd has gradually expanded to a stage where we are able to take on larger projects as well as continuing to work on the smaller repair, restoration, renovation and extension work which earned Colin his fine reputation in the first place.

In addition to the usual trade skills, Colin Clark Builders Ltd can offer a complete package of all that may be required to undertake works to residential or vernacular buildings, including specialist skills of timber framing, brick, flint and stonework, cob/earth wall construction & repair, lime render, lime wash, architectural stone masonry, plumbing and electrics (including providing renewable energy solutions), decorative paint and wallpaper finishes and specialised roofing requirements, as well as designing, costing and coordinating the project.

Where possible, we will always aim to source local and/or natural materials in order to provide our services with the minimal impact to the environment. This is inherent in our traditional approach, but we also seek to identify and adopt new technologies which can be incorporated in our work to better meet the requirements of any given project.